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Why taking a course 'Touch typing' for children?

Learning how to read and write is a fundamental task at school. Today touchtyping is also elementary for children. The number of tasks in school and in daily ife that needs typewriting are growing fast. Research, done by Dr. Van der Meijden at the Radboud University, shows that students who are able to use touch typing with ten fingers, are significant better to answer questions on the computer. These children don't need to focus to know where the keys are on the keyboard, giving their full potential to focus on the question rather than the keyboard.

How does it work?

At school teachers are busy with there daily work, so we are here to guide the students to develope their skills in touch typing. We have the knowledge and experience to teach the children the habits of touvh typing, knowing what to focus on and how to help them.
In twelve weeks the children will learn touch typing with ten fingers. For this we use the online programme GigaKids. The course can be taken both online or with the help of a teacher. At the end of the course is an exam.
If possible we use the computers that are available on school.

Who can take this course?

This course is for children that needs to use computers for any kind of task, like workpieces or essays. Normally this involves children in group 7 or 8.

The costs

The costs for this course are € 145,- (with teacher) of € 89,- (online) for each student.

If you have any questions or interested to take this course then don't hasitate to email or phone me.