Why taking a course 'Touch typing' for adults?

Computers play an important role in our daily life . Wether this is for study, work or private use, being able to type fast is important for anyone and saves a lot of time. Writing emails, letters and reportsgoes faster when you can use 10 fingers instead of just 2. You have more time left for other, more important, tasks. And how much time (and money) is wasted when employees still use only two of their fingers when using the computer?! Also when you are searching for a job, being able to type with 10 fingers is a benefit for you.

When you are able to do your typewriting without looking down at the keyboard, you minimize the force on your muscels in your neck and shoulders. This reduces the change of severe damage in this area. A relaxed physical position reduces the chances on stress and RSI.

Research shows that being able to focuse on the text rather than the keyboard, your brains are way better to understand the text you are typing. There is no need anymore to focus on where to find the keys on your keyboard.

How does it work?

In twelve weeks you will learn touch typing with ten fingers. We use the online programme TypeTrainer. De course can be taken both online or with the help of a teacher. At the end of the course is an exam.

Who can take this course?

The course 'Touch typing' is ment for adults who spend a lot of time with their computer and would like to have the skills for touch typing with ten fingers. This way their skills evolve to produce their emails and reports in a faster way. To be succesful in touch typing you need to practise on a daily base at home and on a weekly base in class. Finding and pressing the keys, without looking at the keyboard, needs to become an automatism. That is why GW EducaZon offers the possibility to take this course in a group of students and get personal guidance. Besides this you will get your own unique login code so you can practise at home in your own time. A computer with access to the internet is required.

The costs

The complete course, exam included, costs € 175,- (classical) or € 129,- (online) for each participant. Prices are VAT excluded.

If you have any questions or interested to take this course then don't hasitate to email or phone me.

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